15 Apr
The very cleverly engineered urban city bike

Dutch bicycle manufacturer VANMOOF has designed perhaps the ultimate urban bike. VANMOOF’s No.5 bicycle counters all the common pitfalls that come with riding your bike around a city into one simple yet innovative design. The highly geometric frame is aluminum (and rust free), integrating a solar powered LED light system that is built inside its tubes. Thus avoiding the hassle of dealing with cables, while keeping a clean design. The front and rear solar power LEDs charge themselves via sunlight, but if your bike needs an extra boost you can charge them with your phone’s micro USB cable. Even with VANMOOF’s ample advanced technology, the single speed bike is incredibly light, and with thick wide Schwalbe tires, coaster brakes and classic leather Brooks saddle, you zip in and around town with ease. But the best part is the bike’s integrated security feature: every rider worries about having their bike nicked, but with an ABUS X-plus cylinder chain lock also engineered into the frame, your lock is always on hand — and your futuristic bike remains safe and sound. You can pick one for about $790 (€558).

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  1. wow super cool that you noticed our bike!

    Much love from Holland!!

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