6 May
Former Miss Louisiana Teen USA and Playboy Playmate makes Confederate Flags look good

Former Miss Louisiana Teen USA and Playboy Playmate of the Month for October 2009, Lindsey Gayle Evans, gets her Southern trailer park trash on for this spread photographed by Matt Barnes. The lighting for the shoot is beautiful, and despite the white trash motif is kept relatively classy. Evans was infamously stripped of her Miss Louisiana Teen USA title for playing chew and screw, and forgetting her purse at the restaurant which she chewed and screwed. When she came back to get the purse she was arrested, and the cops found weed in her purse. D’oh. Well, no one said she has to be bright — she’s just gotta look good in a Confederate Flag half shirt and polka-heart nightie, rolling smokes and drinking Southern Comfort. Done and done. Way to represent Louisiana, Ms. Evans.

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via Photographer & Muse

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