27 May
Fairly Legal's protagonist takes you on a (almost nude) home tour

Have y’all seen Fairly Legal? Yeah, me neither. Is it about a girl who hangs around in her apartment rolling around in panties and tank tops, occasionally pausing to brush her teeth in black underwear? Because if it’s not, then I got a treatment for a surefire summer hit. I’m gonna call it, Hot Girl You Kinda Recognize Prances Around Almost Naked In Her Apartment. I smell Emmys (plural). Once again we tip our collective hats to Esquire for their beloved Me in My Place series, where beautiful women invite an anonymous photographer back to their personal living quarters for an intimate photoshoot. Enjoy Sarah Shahi taking you on a very undressed tour of her abode, and then pop a beer and get this Memorial Day Weekend started… What… are you still at work? What in lord’s name are you waiting for — your boss has been gone since noon!

Gallery below, plus one extra shot after the Jump just because it’s Memorial Day Weekendoh, and follow LIAS on Twitter/Facebook, we’ll always invite you back to your place

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