27 May
The tale of two friends flying a kite... in vinyl toy format

Whether it’s their “Eyes of Fear” Fiberglass Busts, or their False Friends and different Blackout Editions, or PAW! Bust and Jaws Loser, Coarse always puts out vinyl figures and toys that make us want to break the piggybank to go out and acquire. The latest from the toy makers is the beautifully nostalgic Casting Shadows figures above. Nevermind the detailed craftsmanship, high quality materials and excellent packaging, Coarse also nails their product in concept — and Casting Shadows is no different. Artists Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk aimed at capturing the hazy reverie of slow summer days spent flying kites with friends and simply enjoying the warm breezes and ennui of summertime, and the vinyl figures succeed wonderfully. “Not letting its treasure out of sight, nism endlessly longs for a smile. The smile that could seal a friendship forever. But the distant noop must remain alone, and find his own way out of the shadows…” Awweeee, makes me sad. The limited edition package (only 200 will be made) consists of two vinyl figures — the longing 4″ nism (human) and huddled 7″noop (squid) — plus fabric paw! kite which floats 14” into the sky, casting its shadow onto the two torn friends. A set of c-o-a-r-s-e type leaves complete this scenery, full of desperation. On sale since May 3 exclusively at coarsehkg for $255 (HK$ 1,988) and ships out in June.

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  1. AP Vrresto says:

    A few things…

    The 4″ Nism is the squid-like-thing, the 7″ Noop is the human-form.

    Also, only one color-way is limited to 200 sets (Nism has pink tentacles, Noop has brown hair)… a slightly different color-way (Nism has white tentacles, Noop has grey hair) is being released to stores this summer in an un-limited run.

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