9 May
When you absolutely must tow your yacht in armored security

Headline-grabbing Russian tuners and armored car manufacturers Dartz unveil their latest vehicle for the obesely wealthy, the Prombron Nagel. What set’s the Prombron Nagel apart from all other cars is that it’s the “world’s first armored Sportback” with enough power to pull a five-ton, 15-meter (50-foot) boat — achievable due to Datz’s claim of a highly dubious 2,000 hp engine. No mention of how the Dartz Prombron Nagel will deliver 2,000 horses, so we’ll just believe that when we see some actual figures and/or engine configurations. Designed by Gray Design with stunning Batman-meets-stealth-bomber looks, the futuristic Sportback is built on the same platform as the Prombron SUV, and will allegedly hit a 155 mph top speed. Unbelievably, the Prombron Nagel is set to start production sometime in 2012 in celebration of a 100-year anniversary of the Russian team’s journey to the Monte Carlo boat race. We’ll keep our eyes on this one…

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