A couple weeks ago we showed you Le Noeud Papillon’s Jacquard Woven Silk Bow Ties for the discriminating gentleman, and readers loved what they saw. Which makes me happy to know that LIAS readers care about quality craftsmanship, and people who push outside the standards of their fields to create something that is legitimately valuable, legitimately timeless. Even when those endeavors cost more money, more toil, more care. Clearly the work of Nicholas Atgemis and his Le Noeud Papillon label fit that description — using only fine Italian-processed Jacquard woven silks with designs they custom weave, sometimes even infusing a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor into their creations (such as their “Marriage” tie above). So to help get the word out on some of the finest silk bow ties out there — not to mention reward our readers — we’re going to give away one of Le Noeud Papillon’s limited edition bow ties, as well as 2 pocket squares to lucky readers. What do you have to do to win? Well, let us tell you:

Write us on our Facebook page on our post about the giveaway telling us why you’d like to have a Le Noeud Papillon bow tie and include a link (via twitpic, yfrog, flickr, Twitgoo, Posterous, img.ly, pix.im, lookbook, etc…) of a photo of your favorite bow tie moment in sartorial history — it can be vintage, modern, celebrity, yourself, a homeless guy, a muppet… really it’s up to you. Go nuts. Extra credit if you write us on Twitter saying “Hey @LostInSuprmrkt I want a @lenoeudpapillon bow tie #LIASgiveaway” and include the link to your photo (tie goes to the Twitterer). If you also write us on Twitter, please include your Twitter name on your Facebook post so we know you’ve entered twice. The giveaway entries close at 10pm Wednesday PST. We’ll look over all of the entries and announce the winner on Friday May 6th.

1) Facebook post with image link (*include twitter name if you enter on twitter as well)
2) Twitter “Hey @LostInSuprmarkt I want a  @lenoeudpapillon bowtie #LIASgiveaway” with link
Good Luck distinguished sartorial readers!

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  1. I am types of disappointed that I only just discovered your web site a week ago. But, Concerning added you to my Google Reader, right next to my own feeds, plus between a couple Arbitron feeds. Keep feeding my brain. Thank you

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