2 May
Old school ride with new school geometry & technology

Sure the guys over at SE Bikes have recently gotten into the Fixie & Single Speed game, but at heart they’re truly BMX junkies through and through. They’ve decided to resurrect their vintage Quad Loops for the USA market, but are decidedly keeping it highly exclusive. Only 150 of the classic black & gold bikes will be produced, and that’s all she wrote for 2011. The original Quadangle frame design first came onto the scene in the late 70’s as the STR-1 model, popularized by BMX legend Stu Thomsen. His signature frame was later renamed the Quadangle in the early 80’s, and it become one of those iconic bicycles from the Golden Era of BMXing — along with bikes like Redline, Diamondback, Haro, Mongoose, Hutch, PK Ripper (another SE Bike), etc. This throwback model, which was originally re-released as a 24” model by SE in 2008, looks old school but rides new school with modern geometry and technology such as a threadless headset & stem and V-brakes. Sure you could race it, but this limited edition beauty is mainly aimed at the high-end flossing market. The first batch of 50 were sent to dealers last month, but 100 more will be available later in the spring for $750. If you’re trying to get your hands on one, check out their dealer locator and get moving, son…

Couple more angles of the Limited Edition SE Racing Quad Loops after the Jump…

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  1. Cesar says:

    Just got my 24 inch quad and it is the bomb, all eyes on it. Great job. I would like to know which front pegs with good grip would you recommend for my 24 inch quad.

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