23 May
LIAS gets their hands on 2011's most coveted calender

Last week we met with the fine folks at Pirelli and the ID Agency for a possible project, and in said meeting they were kind enough to hook us up with this year’s coveted Karl Lagerfeld-helmed Pirelli calender. Of course we previewed the mythology-based calender of International Supermodels Gone Greek back in November, but to get it into our eager hands is an entirely different proposition altogether. As with all Pirelli calenders, every aspect is top quality: the size is enormous, the paper stock thick and heavy, the printing immaculate and the individually numbered presentation spot on. And as usual you cannot buy it, it has to be gifted by the fine folks at Pirelli. The individual sheets don’t actually have dates on them, but rather the aluminum binder that holds the calender from below has all the dates printed on them… honestly, we haven’t quite figured out how to read the damn thing, but when it looks this good the dates are of tertiary importance. Of course Lagerfeld’s calender isn’t quite as scintillating as Terry Richardson’s 2010 edition, but that would be hard to follow up (Richardson’s version is so hot, it’s still up on the walls of LIAS Headquarters… I’m not sure it’s ever coming down). Recreating to some degree the creation myths and most important of the Greek gods, Lagerfeld has captured a much more refined, elegant calender with a heavyweight bullpen of models including Juliene Moore, Daria Werbowy, Erian Wasson, Anja Rubik, Lara Stone, Magdalena Frackowiak, Brad Kroenig, Baptiste Giabiconi, Heidi Mount, Elisa Sednoui, Freja Beha, Iris Strubegger, Jack Davies, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Isabeli Fontana, Bianca Balti, Garrett Neff, Jeneil Williams, Natasha Poly and Lakshmi Menon. Enjoy the Making Of video below…

Pirelli Calendar 2011 by Karl Lagerfeld Making Of.. from gabriel on Vimeo.

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