18 May
No one calls the cops if the only vandalism takes place in your liver

Maybe you’re not really a street artist, but you like artists, and you like streets. These things are like your homies, and you would happily pour a little out for them. And maybe the only time you threw something up on a wall was when your stomach rejected that Snapple martini you mixed in a brown bag. It’s OK, this graf is for you…

If the only chilling with the crew you know has to do with storing glasses in the freezer before the big drink-off, now it’s finally your time to mix it up with William Kellogg’s Graffiti Cocktail Shaker. This alcohol drink mixer holds 14 ounces of your favorite poison, provided that poison isn’t actually spray paint. Of course hiding booze in something cops consider infinitely more suspicious seems questionable at best, but we don’t like to use too much rationality. We’ll leave that to the brain scientists. But the Graffiti Cocktail Shaker? Arguably the best toy out there for any amateur mixologist or aspiring boozehound. Get it for $20.

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