Melbourne, AustraliaArtist JKB Fletcher has done a series of photorealistic paintings based on photographs he took combining female models in various states of nudity with iconic superhero characteristics. The Angels With Dirty Faces exhibit is showing this month at the Melbourne, Australia art gallery FortyFive Downstairs. “Physically my painting is about creating form, depth and structure with less than one millimetre thick oil over the surface of a canvas or linen, developing a recognisable image with the use of colour. Once I’ve found the right model, chosen the right photo (out of the hundreds I’ve taken), the painting itself takes (on average) one hundred hours to complete,” explains Fletcher. “Introducing superheroes to my ‘Flesh’ paintings is a way to show sensuality and beauty, physicality, connection, touch, morality, honour, justice, virtue, and of course confliction and contradiction. All amazing subjects to explore in a painting.” The Angels With Dirty Faces show is up now until May 28th.

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