25 May
100% Cotton 20th century art-inspired summer wear

Bikinis and board shorts. Warm summer nights and parties at your friend’s beach house. Summer is looking to be just what you need, right? And it should be. But don’t forget June Gloom. With the crappy weather we’re sure to see in Southern California, there’s no better time to pack a sweatshirt just in case you find yourself dealing with some chilly nights. Inspired by the hugely influential early-20th century Anti-Art, Anti-War Dada movement, Wood Wood’s Chapman 112 Sweatshirt comes with Raglan sleeves and a hidden zip pocket on the right side (for supplementing your anarchist ways with the proper contraband, naturally). Whether you’re the art enthusiast or a close friend happens to be a little abstract by nature, loves poetry, graphic design, and/or has their fair share of rantings on war, you might’ve just found the perfect gift in this 100% Cotton dark grey sweatshirt. Accept your inner activist. We think Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp and Sophie Taeuber-Arp would be proud. Pick one up for $140 (100 €).

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