26 May
Korean artist Choi Xooang’s hyper-real hideous sculptures

Choi Xooang, a Seoul-based sculptor and painter builds bodies. And these bodies seem eerily real. His figures, made of oil on resin, use gestures that seem overstated to emphasize their existence. Choi is known for using art as away to grasp the world pathologically and his work has been seen around the world. From Vegetated State to Islet of Asperger, his sculptures vividly detail the excesses and individual as it relates to each figure. Choi takes everyday characters — such as the beggar, the big nosed man or the gossip spreading rumors — and exaggerates their actions exponentially. No subject or thought too taboo is left on the table as his hyper realistic sculptures suggest you question your own existence and situation. Even if you aren’t an art collector or art enthusiast, you can still appreciate the amount of detail that went into creating these masterful figures.

Some favorites from the portfolio of Choi Xooang, including those from Islet of Asperger

via Slash and thisiscolossal

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