15 Jun
Moscow artist's "Sicksystems" combines graphics and handwork

With both multinational corporations and small independent brands simultaneously reaching out to him, Moscow-based graphic artist Aske has been in demand these days. His followers throughout Europe and here in the US helped bring attention to his work and led to him being featured last year in Print Magazine’s annual New Visual Artists “20 under 30”, which showcases young artists from the world over. Though he started out as a graffiti writer, Aske’s work now evolved into graphic design, typography and modern graphics. His latest personal project, Sicksystems, is a collection of work that culminated from his love of combining working on a computer and using his physical handwork. Enjoying the creation of digital artworks as much as art objects using plywood and foamed polystyrene, Aske begins with a drawing on a piece of tracing paper, which he then transposes onto a sheet of plywood. The pieces are then cut up, individually painted in acrylics and then re-assembled in the mosaics you see below. The series was unveiled at the Faces&Laces Street Culture Show in Moscow this month.

A Making-Of gallery of Aske’s Plywood Mosaics after the Jump…

via Colossal/Creative Review

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