20 Jun
Handmade sling keeps axe safe and secure in case of zombie attack

New York-based Best Made Company crafts many a bad ass chopping axe, and along with it has designed the complimentary Axe Sling. Meant to be carried on one’s back, the vegetable tanned cowhide sling features solid brass hardware and helps to keep your hands free and your blade safe and secure — perfect for quick access if any zombie tries to get all up in your face, and you’ve got some head-splitting to do (that dick had it coming). The lightweight and durable sling can also adjust to fit any size axe, although the beautiful blades made by Best Made are probably your best option. These handmade slings weigh a little over a pound (without the axe) and are produced in Vermont. Pick up this solid Axe Sling from Best Made for $198 and the axe to go with it for $350.

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