16 Jun
Talk about 91 proof mud flaps, my girls got 'em

Is there a way to even glance at this Oregon-based bourbon-style whiskey and not think of Spinal Tap’s biggest hit? You know there’s some Nigel Tufnel and David St. Hubbins fans at Big Bottom Whiskey — an independent bottler that works with multiple distilleries to source their products. Two of their products include their New White Oak and Port Cask Finish. These young whiskeys are actually made in Indiana, but shipped to Oregon where it’s barreled and finished. Though it’s heavy on the rye, the mash is primarily made up of corn and features a barley kicker. Big Bottom Whiskey’s 3 Years Old New White Oak (above) features a matured flavor that includes vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, pepper and tons of spice. Their 2 Years Old Port Cask Finish (after the Jump) is finished in Port casks from Prager Port Works in Napa, California and includes a slew of flavors made from the inclusion of dark chocolate, raisins, caramel notes and just as much rye as the White Oak (36% to be precise), which all blend nicely to make a well-rounded whiskey that’s sweet, savory and full of depth. Did we mention that both are 91 proof? Big Bottom Whiskey’s products are available in liquor stores in Oregon and online at K&L Wine Merchants for those living in California, New York and eight other states. Check Big Bottom’s website for the full list. Pick up the New White Oak for $30 and the Port Cask Finish for $35.

Big Bottom 2-Year Old Whiskey’s 91 Proof Bourbon Style Whiskies after the Jump…

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