29 Jun
WIRED Italy debuts 83-minute film in its entirety

It’s a good day for free movie watching on the interwebs. Shortly after Scenes From the Suburbs was posted online, Wired Italy was kind enough to upload the award winning Megunica — a documentary centered on Italian street artist Blu. We’ve waxed poetic about our love for Blu’s work, so sitting down and watching this doc from the comfort of the LIAS secret headquarters is an absolute treat. As Arrested Motion explains, “The footage follows Blu on a trip to South America through the countries of Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Argentina. The film follows the Italian street star as he paints and as the crew interact with other people and other artists – basically tracking their adventures. What is particularly enjoyable are all the little animations and the different techniques they use in the process inserted throughout the film. At the end the film, you can definitely see this is when Blu started perfecting his now famous graffiti-animation style.” Included in the WIRED Italy’s piece is an interview with Megunica‘s director, Lorenzo Fonda.


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