23 Jun
A gadget organization tool with endless possibilities

Looking for a simple way to carry your bare necessities when running the rat race? The Grid-It Wrap by Cocoon is a good way to store not only your tablet and power adapters, but also your sunglasses and gum as well. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what gadgets you can store in the wrap, and that’s what makes the Grid-It Wrap a great tool to organize your chaotic existence. It’s like the gift that just keeps giving. The organization tool holds your 7” tablet (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nook, Kindle, Sony Daily Edition) in the back pocket while using a system of rubberized elastic bands to hold a range of accessories, including your iPod, iPhone and any other tech necessities you could possible need. Slim, easy to use and with endless possibilities, you can find Cocoon’s Grid It wrap for $25, and comes in three colors: black, red and grey.

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