9 Jun
John Walker & Sons $164,000 scotch celebration of Queen’s reign

Prince William may presently be the most popular royal, may just have the hottest future queen as a wife, and may be devoted to serving his country as a member of the Royal Air Force, however there might just be one other royal whose devotion to her country outweighs any other. Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William’s grandmother and the current ruling monarch of the Commonwealth Nations — which include the UK and 15 other nations — has been on the throne since 1952. To commemorate her 60 years, the Queen is scheduled to have her Diamond Jubilee next June, the same time she celebrates her 86th birthday. To celebrate this occasion, John Walker & Sons, Scotch Whisky Distillers by Appointment to The Queen, will produce a limited edition of 60 highly detailed crystal decanters of “Diamond Jubilee Blended Scotch Whisky by John Walker & Sons”. The whisky, produced in Scotland, will be bottled on February 6, 2012 — exactly 60 years to the day since Queen Elizabeth II acceded to the throne. The luxury whisky will feature a blend of whiskies distilled in 1952 from across Scotland and finished in a cask of English Oak from the Queen’s Sandringham Estate. This will be accompanied by a pair of hand-engraved lead crystal glasses housed in a cabinet incorporating woods from the Queen’s Sandringham and Balmoral estates. Now that’s opulent. While the first bottle will be presented to the Queen as a gift, the remaining bottles will be sold privately for roughly $164,000 (£100,000) each and are being offered by invitation only. John Walker & Sons will donate all profits from the sale to the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST), which will aid in the mentoring program and enable traditional craftsmanship to flourish in Britain.

via BBC and The Australian

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    I just pre-ordered mine on Amazon. Don’t fuck around or you’ll miss out!

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