Cyclus, the brand behind this eco-friendly backpack, started with five basic principles: re-utilization of urban materials, recycling of raw materials, minimal use of resources, less excess production and the utilization of 100% environmentally friendly materials. With the addition of the Pangolin backpack to their collection of environmentally friendly products, they’ve yet again shown the path towards a greener future. Inspired by the scaly anteater, the handmade, fair trade Pangolin backpack is crafted by using recycled inner tubes of trucks. Awarded the 2010 Steel Pencil Award for a Consumer Product, the rubber and nylon Pangolin is opened by sliding the “scales” back, and its interior has storage pockets in different sizes enabling you to fit a laptop, small notebook, pens and MP3 player. Made by the people of Colombia, this backpack is just one product in a line by Cyclus giving disadvantaged people in the Southern American country (e.g. single mothers, refugees and Indians of the Camentsa tribe) an opportunity to make a living with higher than average minimum wage and in a good working condition. Pick one up for $300 (209€).

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