20 Jun
Sneakerheads rejoice to the look of a clean pair of kicks

If you have friends with a collection of sneakers that number in the three digits, this might be a gift they’ll appreciate. The Premium Sneaker Solution set from Jason Markk was created for those who seek to make that pair of limited edition Nike Dunks or Converse Poorman Weapons as clean today as the day they were originally bought. The kit includes an 8 oz. bottle of premium sneaker solution made of 98% natural formula without any harsh chemicals or abrasives. The 8 oz. solution is enough to clean up to 200 pairs of sneakers and is safe on all colors. Included in the kit is a cleaning brush made of synethetic bristles and a handcrafted wood block brush, which is great for digging out dirt on the midsoles and cleaning up any stains that may impede on getting your kicks back to prime condition. The entire sneaker box comes with a koi paint splatter design and costs $20.


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