2 Jun
Opening TONIGHT at the Opera Gallery, NYC

New York-based artist Logan Hicks is a photorealistic landscape and portrait painter. His hyperrealist style is achieved by combining stencils, photography, aerosol and a variety of canvases (such as anodizing on aluminum and etched wood panels), becoming somewhat of a pioneer in the art world. He’s known for taking the humdrum of urban landscapes and turning them into eerie, yet polished works of art. His pieces use abandoned trains, cityscapes and crowds as subjects in showcasing the loneliness of being in larger cities, like New York and Los Angeles. His newest exhibit, entitled Pretty Ugly, showcases his ability to observe the faint, underappreciated moments in a crazy, busy, ugly world. As the culmination of six months of work, the show is said to feature some of Hicks largest works to date. Pretty Ugly will also be the home to his newly anodized aluminum works that were created during a residency at the Neal Feay company. Produced by anodizing the aluminum directly with various dyes, the surface fuses the aluminum with the dye so it cannot be washed off. The works are so durable that you can wash them with lacquer thinner and a pressure washer and it would not mare the surface of the art.

The reception for Logan Hick’s Pretty Ugly exhibition is set for TONIGHT, Thursday, June 2 at the Opera Gallery. With space limited, make sure you RSVP HERE.

115, Spring Street

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