8 Jun
Pop the cherry on your otherwise virgin drink

No dessert sundae will ever be the same once the moon shines on it. Just keep that in mind when you scoop yourself some daiquiri ice, and top it with Ole Smoky Tennessee moonshine cherries. Yes, you read that right. Moonshine cherries. It gets better. The 750 ml bottle comes full of cherries, each one being 100 proof of moonshine goodness and I am just not going to bother doing the math on that one because once the proof hits 100, everything always adds up. Make your Shirley Temple get raunchy for $29. How can you possibly go wrong? Pair this stuff up with their Apple Pie Moonshine and you’ve got a buzz (and hangover) for the ages…

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  1. […] flavor and grows up into a real fine mountain whiskey. While probably not as sweet as their Cherry or Apple Pie moonshine, the Ole Smoky Charred probably retains more of a whisky edge. Check your […]

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