2 Jun
Sole Mates pins sneakers and playmates together for pet project

With the Mavericks and the Heat preparing for the last stretch of the NBA finals, Playboy decided to compile a list of the coolest Jordan sneakers in a project they called Soul Mates. In a move of inspired genius, the twenty-three top Air Jordans were selected and photographed accompanied by one of nine Playmates posing alongside it in pin-up inspired wear. Really, who was the marketing savant that dreamed this one up? Helping to feature the rankings are Francesca Frigo, Jaime Edmondson, Jessica Burciaga, Patrice Hollis, Hiromi Oshima, Tiffany Taylor, Candice Cassidy, Kimberly Phillips and Heather Rae Young. Done with a touch of class as you’d hope from Playboy, the entire spread can be viewed here at the Playboy website — needless to say there are some NSFW photos, so just wait till everyone’s at lunch to take your peek…

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