3 Jun
Grab a seat on the stool made from newspapers or periodicals

The NJUStudio Hockenheim stool, as it’s called, is a DIY’ers dream come true. Recyclers around the world can rejoice in knowing this newest piece of furniture is made up in part by old magazines that might otherwise be thrown in the trash, and hoarders might rejoice in knowing their library of old Vanity Fairs can come in handy for something other than cluttering up a corner of your living room (much like LIAS headquarters). That’s right, instead of dumping your old magazines, how about you stack them up and use them for something new? The idea from NJU Studio Hockenheim is composed of three parts: the pillow seat, the wood stool frame and the leather straps used to hold your old, unused (yet treasured) copies of The Face and Ray Gun altogether. Make this the conversational piece that gets you noticed. With two versions, one for stacked magazines and one for stacked newspapers, NJUStudio has thought of everything. Grab a seat for $185 for the magazine version and about $18 more for the newspaper version.

A close-up of the NJUStudio Hockenheim stool after the Jump…

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