16 Jun
Takayuki Hori’s folded and connected Oritsunagumono series

Takayuki Hori’s Oritsunagumono takes Origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, and reshapes it with an environmental-themed collection of translucent skeletal Origami works. Oritsunagumono (“things folded and connected”) is made up of eight endangered species native to Japan’s coast — even more imperiled after the recent earthquakes and tsunamis. They are made of translucent sheets of paper with prints of the animal’s skeleton, and when folded together make stunningly accurate and detailed anatomical structures. Some works even include man-made hazardous objects ingested by by the animals, highlighting not only how fragile and majestic these creatures are, but also act as an alarming reminder of how pollution has left these animals with a grim future of possible extinction.

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