27 Jun
Jeff Waldman elicits joy and plans for swings elsewhere

Sex, drugs and rock & roll. Debauchery. Hugh Grant transvestite hookers. Talentless reality celebrities. Purse dogs with health insurance. These are the things that everyone thinks LA is all about. And, for the most part, they’re right. But residents of Los Angeles, just like residents of other cities around the world, also like to revel in fun that reminds us of the simple times of youth. No one knows this better than Jeff Waldman. The San Francisco resident and some of his friends started installing random swings around the city, which ultimately led the Awesome Foundation to award him a $1,000 grant to hang over 50 swings around City of Angels. Up next for Waldmann and his friends is a trip to the southern hemisphere to work on adding even more swings as a public art project in La Paz, Bolivia. If you want to donate to the project, go to his Kickstarter page or peruse photos from his many LA swing installations on his Facebook.

via Collasal and The Awesome Foundation

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