3 Jun
Two of America's best filmmakers ever get art makeovers

Back in March we talked about that Quentin Tarantino vs Coen Brothers Art Show and now they’ve made a video of the show. Moreover, there’s also links now to buy both original works and also a full collection of high quality prints from the show via Spoke Art. Honestly some very clever artwork in there — I prefer pieces like Pete McDonough’s “Millers Fiction” (far below) that find a clever way to conflate the auteurs’ work, but even the excellently executed homages to single movies like Johannah O’Donnell’s “Comfortable Silence” (above) are beauties. But really, how can you go wrong when you base an art exhibit on two of the best American filmmakers ever? The nod has to go to Ken Harman for not only dreaming up the concept but also making it happen at the Bold Hype gallery. Enjoy!

Quentin VS Coen – A Tribute to Tarantino & the Brothers from Colin M Day on Vimeo.

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