28 Jun
Finnish distillery distinguishes itself with eco-friendly packaging

Teerenpeli, a Finland-based distillery, originally started brewing Gold Medal-winning beer in the town of Lahti. Then in 2008 they began selling their five-year single malt whisky, and the rest is Finnish boozing history. Earlier this year, Teerenpeli launched their 8-year-old single malt whisky in eco-friendly packaging, carefully designed by the Design Foundation Finland and the Lahti Institute of Design. Considering Finland is one of the most environmentally sustainable countries in the world, it makes sense the company would do what it could to ensure that their product not only tasted good but didn’t go to waste after consumption. Visit Teerenpeli to see what else they offer, but in the mean time pick up a bottle of their 8-year-old whisky at The Whisky Exchange for $105 (£64.95).


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