17 Jun
Travel plans for the addicted gamer might be a little less stressful

Summer usually signifies the end of classes and the beginning of freedom. For those that work throughout the year it’s usually the time vacations are taken, and if you’re planning one with friends or family but can’t seem to ditch your gaming addiction at home, this might solve your dilemma. The G155 Mobile Gaming Environment from Firebox is a solid self-contained case that fits your gaming console, cables, controllers and games. It even includes a 15.5” LED HD display with integrated stereo speakers. You can play your games or watch movies in HD. This little device packs a bunch and allows the gamer the option of fitting their Xbox 360, 360S or PS3 Slim. Worried about getting your stuff scratched or broken during transit? The fitted foam base and velcro straps keep your hardware locked in tight and the hard plastic shell protects the valuable cargo from minor impacts while you’re on the move. If the family is flying across country instead of stowing everything on top of the minivan, you’ll be glad to know that the lightweight design of the G155 complies with TSA guidelines so you’ll be able to carry it on as hand luggage… but don’t expect the chance to have a full on Melee battle at 30,000 feet, especially next to the lady with the crying baby. In lieu of getting an earful from the grandparents, girlfriend, mom or anyone else that can’t stand the epic battle going on in front of your HD screen, a 35mm headphone socket is included. The G155 Mobile Gaming Environment isn’t released until July 7 but pre-orders are being taken currently for $485 (£299.99).

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