3 Jun
Hanging by the water got a whole lot more tempting

How much does it suck when you’re out on the lake or resting after catching a few waves and wish you had a nice frozen treat while you relax? I’m always fond of the Drumstick, a Choco Taco, and even the Fudgesicle. Unfortunately, when you’re out in the water, getting your favorite ice cream treat isn’t the most accessible thing in the world. Or is it? The world’ first amphibious ice cream truck took its maiden voyage this Wednesday on the River Thames, driven by navigator Dave Mounfield. Reaching a top speed of five knots, the HMS Flake 99  was commissioned by Fredericks, makers of Cadbury’s ice cream, to mark National Ice Cream Week which is currently underway (May 30-June 5) — bringing smiles and treats to commuters along the river. Next up? Allegedly the World’s First Amphibious Ice Cream Truck is set to invade the canals of Venice, Italy. I guess it’s living up to its motto, “licensed to chill.”


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