2 Jun
Claire L. Evans drops a little Science Fiction You Can Dance To

One half of YACHT, Claire L. Evans, has put together a mixtape for Boing Boing celebrating two of the group’s loves: science fiction and esoteric dance music. It’s an entertaining one-hour mix, full of bizarre treats and UFO movie-inspired madness. The mixtape, titled Fly On, UFO, is essentially “Science Fiction You Can Dance To”, and runs a full gamut of all things Science Fiction related. “I’ve made a continuous mix of music that journeys deep into the musical underbelly of science fiction. Yes, finally! Science fiction you can dance to!” explains Evans. “Download to travel to disco dystopias and far-flung cosmic boogies. Visit the hellish world of Cerrone’s “Supernature,” where scientists would do anything to feed the starving masses, including poison the world with chemicals that would create mutants down below. Sidle up next to miss Dee D. Jackson, who, looking at the erotic robot in her bed, polished chrome gleaming under white satin sheets, raises her perfectly glossed lip in a snarl, and utters: ‘Your body’s cold.’ Raise your fist to the night sky with Chromium, who, seeing a UFO in the sky, beaming with promise, lights in primary colors like an 80s movie, are yelling ‘Come back later!'” Yes, you can do all those things. Or you can just stream the mix below while you power through your Thursday doldrums, and then if you’re feeling robotic and swinging DOWNLOAD the Fly On, UFO mixtape HERE.

Hit the Jump for a full tracklisting of YACHT’s “Fly On, UFO” Mixtape…

Fly-On-UFO by beschizza

Science Fiction You Can Dance To Tracklist

• Message from the Stars – Snob
• Space Disco – Cosmic Hoffmann
• Spacer – Sheila & B. Devotion
• Supernature – Cerrone
• Automatic Lover – Dee D. Jackson
• Spacer Woman – Charlie
• Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault Remix) – Midnight Magic
• Tout Petit La Planete – Plastique Bertrand
• I’m Ready – Kano
• Future World – Ganymed
• Fly On UFO – Chromium
• In The Year 2525 – Zager & Evans

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