12 Jul
Celebrating 3-decade Volkswagen's dominance in sport compacts

Thirty-five years ago the first Volkswagen Golf GTI was released — and to celebrate the occasion, VW unveiled the GTI35 35th Anniversary Golf. And in conjunction with the anniversary vehicle comes a limited edition chronograph, encompassed in an XL-sized stainless-steel case that measures just short of 2 inches. The watch features citizen VD53 quartz movement, a black leather strap with buckle, and 12 black dials with a white GTI35 logo and three sub-dials. If you’re looking for a new way to time your drive on the 405 from the 10 to the 101, you might want to grab this before your rubber hits the highway. Just watch out for the LAPD, and make sure you don’t do it when the highway’s closed for repairs (looking out to all my gridlocked Angelenos this weekend). Pick one up for $185 (EUR 129).

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  1. Luis Melgar says:

    Hi! I want to know, where I can buy this GTI watch? Can you tell me any site or adress for buy it? Regards

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