25 Jul
Musicians the world over say goodbye in their own way

Of all the tributes to the late Ms. Winehouse coming out, Rolling Stone has compiled a comprehensive litany of musicians farflung who have paid tiny tributes this past weekend following her passing. The list of farflung musicians includes everybody from Tony Bennett, The Who and Mark Ronson to Lady Gaga, Rick Ross and Sebastian Bach. The most insightful is Russell Brand, however, who wrote a long and touching personal eulogy to the late jazz singer. We spent most of the weekend listening to her short (but timeless) oeuvre, punctuated by the Imaginary Girlfriend’s obsession with “I’ve Heard Love Is Blind“. M.I.A. also released a demo song presciently titled “27” which addresses the long trail of legends that have passed at 27, which we’re posting below. Rest In Peace Amy, you’ll be missed…

27 by _M_I_A_

UPDATE: Jesse Serwer over at Large Up reports that there may be a third unreleased Amy Winehouse album in the vaults, consisting of “dark reggae songs recorded in St. Lucia that Island Records, of all labels, rejected.” In his article he looks back at Winehouse’s considerable Caribbean leanings, putting an emphasis on her collaborations with Salaam Remi, who produced most of her debut Frank as well as 5 tracks on Back In Black. He posts many of her islands-influenced tracks, including a rocksteady cover of Sam Cooke’s “Cupid”. Check it out.

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