28 Jul
Maskull Lasserre sculpts the macabre with intricacy & detail

Maskull Lasserre knows how to manifest his namesake into interesting artistic statements. The Canadian artist sculpts the most delicate anatomical skeletal forms of humans and animals from common objects — newspapers, axe handles, cutting boards and picture frames all chisel to his bidding. The sculptor produces pieces (detailed curved vertebrae, morbid leering skulls, chomping alligators) with an intricacy that many could never dream of in artistic form, encompassing humor, reminiscence the macabre and much more. Lassarre is currently part of a group exhibition at the Pierre-Francois Ouellette Art Contemporain (PFOAC) in Montreal through August 6, followed by a solo show in the same space beginning in November. To view the artists other work, go here.

via Thisiscolossal

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