27 Jul
The Kentucky-based distillery introduces their 24th flavored vodka

Burnett’s is like a (very cheap) friend you haven’t seen in a long time but meet on the street, and you instantly strike up a conversation like no time has been lost. One shot of their Orange flavored vodka and I’m taken back a couple years to parties in college, graduation night and a slew of other… unmentionables. The Kentucky-based vodka distillery may not be known for being one of the finest vodka makers, but they know how to keep me interested — and at times delirious — with their flavored vodkas, such as via their latest Whipped Cream offering. We’re told it smells exactly like whipped cream — which may or may not be a good thing, and will quite likely make for several nights spent clutching the Porcelain Deity after six or seven shots. You will never look at Whippits — or Whipahol, for that matter — the same again. Whether you want it straight or in a mix, pick up a bottle of the 70 proof Whipped Cream flavored Burnett’s for a cool $10 at your local bodega.

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