18 Jul
Digital artist uses LEGOs for newest series

Albert Seveso, an Italian illustrator and graphic artist, is best known for his series A me mi piace la gnocca! — a collection of effervescent illustrations that spawned out of an idea he had in 2007. The literal transition from Italian to English is NSFW but let’s just say it pertains to his fondness for aspects of the fairer sex. In his latest series, Ink Riders, Seveso once again uses similar techniques but incorporates LEGO surfers catching waves of blue ink and water. The surreal photos give us an insight into the mind of a man that people say invented the “sperm shaping” technique. Check out Seveso’s popular series A me mi piace la gnocca, as well as this latest series Ink Riders.

via Abduzeedo/Thisiscollasal

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