7 Jul
Walt's favorite piece of modernism gets a revision

Walt Disney, known for his perennial thoughts of dreaming, innovation and enjoying life like a kid (as well as some alleged racism), was a fan of the original Airline Chair. So much so that he personally selected the Airline when he built his original Burbank animation studio in the late 1930s. Now Los Angeles designer Cory Grosser has collaborated with Walt Disney Signature to create a new armchair inspired by the very piece Disney considered his favorite. Using furniture construction advancement, a sculpted walnut frame and polyurethane foam cushions with fine leather covers, the chair takes cues from the past while implementing new technology. If you dream of relaxing in some sculpted modernism, in this case Disney lives up to their motto of making dreams come true. The $4,000 Airline Chair 009 can also be paired with an ottoman for an additional $1500.

Disney Airline 009 Chair with ottoman after the Jump…

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