11 Jul
Flip your old W.A.S.P., Slayer & Maiden shirts into art

Ben Venom looks like a guy that doesn’t take anyone’s bullshit. I’m even pretty sure that if you told him he was doing “women’s work” he’d likely sock you in the face. Then when you stopped blubbering like an infant he’d sit you down and calmly teach you how to do the exact thing you just laughed at him for. With the use of hundreds of heavy metal t-shirts — including all your Death Angel, Anthrax, Slayer, Sepultura & Maiden favorites — Venom has transformed them into quilts with large and aggressive messages. One look at some of his work and you’ll see he’s elbowing his way into your grandma’s knitting circle. His quilt making may seem dark, but you can’t deny the hard work, uniqueness and talent that went behind creating each and every time-consuming quilt. Venom has made an art out of juxtaposing handcrafted work with dark ass musical interests. What have you done lately? Check out some of his other work here (including heavy metal pillows and cushions), and if you’re interested in one of Ben’s pieces, you can contact him directly.

A gallery of Venom at work in his studio, plus more detail shots after the Jump…

via Boingboing and Ransom-Notes

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