1 Jul
Let's face it, dirt should only be stepped on by $1,500 shoes

What kind of mental buffoon would wear $1,500 boots to go hiking in, you may ask? Probably the kind of person who deserves to get their credit card stolen. If there is any piece of footwear that necessitates performance over luxury it would be hiking boots, but Alber Elbaz seems to disagree. The couture French label’s mat lizard skin and suede boots are the apotheosis of luxury, sporting a supple calfskin lining to keep your feet massaged on long hikes… to Whole Foods, most likely. As a piece of fashion, fine. As a piece of functional outdoor footwear? Not so much. Is there a fabric less resistant to water than suede known to mankind? Wasn’t that the whole story line behind Can’t By Me Love? The medium-high boot is fresh this week from the Lanvin’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection, so if you’ve got the funds, find their mid-cut hiking boots at Lanvin for only $1,500 (€1,045).

A large rear view of the Lanvin Mat Lizard Skin & Suede Hiking Boots after the Jump…

via HighSnob

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