15 Jul
Get drunk while staying sharp on your toes... kinda...

Coffee and liquor are both necessities for most people, at least here at the LIAS secret compound, but together? Not so much. That may change with the XO Café by Patron. The tequila allows one to drink it straight up, on the rocks or blended in a cocktail, but that’s not all. Desserts and a number of gourmet meals can be made with this delectable treat. XO Café is blended from a family owned distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, known for producing among the highest quality agave tequila of the large scale producers. We actually tried some last night at a bar in Montgomery, Alabama of all places (more on that later), and it was delicious. Yes it’s a bit sweeter than we usually prefer, but mildly so — and the smoothness of the Patron was well complimented by the strong, roasted coffee taste. There are a number of recipes online you can search for to make those treats or cocktails, but before you get there make sure you pick up a bottle for $27.

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