15 Jul
New York photographer Anthony Caren sheds light through the dark veil of obscure Caribbean religion

Throughout history there have been cultures whose practices have been judged and persecuted. You may be familiar with the Salem Witch Trials, but what about those against Haitian Vodou? You’re probably familiar with the sensationalized version depicted in TV and in films, but don’t believe the hype of sticking pins in dolls made of straws. There is no black magic used in calling evil spirits are praying to Satan. Vodouisants are those who follow the syncretic religion — a religion whose collective beliefs incorporate Roman Catholic Christianity and West Indies religious practices. Anthony Caren, a New York based photographer, has traveled to Haiti over the years to document the subjects following the misunderstood religion. His previously unpublished photographs of a Haitian Vodou ceremony are featured at LIFE and give us a real look behind the culture in front of his lens. Haiti was where he found his new calling in life and a passion for photojournalism. Some of the photos are NSFW, depicting gruesome violence to animals, so be warned — and if it intrigues you, check out the full body of his work here.

via BoingBoing and Anthony Karen

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