22 Jul
Fabio del Percio's Hey* Chair for sustainable seating

Sure, the above photo may illicit a “WTF?” from you, but don’t let that deter from appreciating the work of Italian designer Fabio del Percio. Percio’s line, known as Hver?, has introduced a new range of furniture called Hey*. And guess what it’s made of? That’s right — hay. You may associate the material as a source of food for brainless livestock, but the fact is that hay has been used as furniture for centuries — especially for under stimulated farm girls and traveling salesmen. But Percio has given it a contemporary spin by encasing the organic Icelandic hay in a transparent PVC cover with a zipper that allows the hay to breath and stay fresh. We also presume that the cover allows for refilling, if necessary. The environmentally friendly furniture is available at e-side, known for their sustainably focused, design-based furnishings and accessories. The entire collection consists of armchairs and cushions all handmade in Italy and stuffed with soft, fragrant and top quality hay… from Iceland, of course. Pieces range between $450 and $950 and can be found here.

More pics of Fabio del Percio’s Hey* Chair after the Jump…

via Design-Milk

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