12 Jul
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a Lego fanboy just had a seizure and passed out

Fans of That 70’s Show will remember Eric Forman’s love for all things Star Wars — his constant fantasies revolving around Donna as Leia and the many comparisons he made between himself and Luke Skywalker. Had he had his hands on this mega fanboy toy, he’d be in Star Wars heaven forever…or at least until he finished the puzzle. The Lego Star wars Super Star Destroyer combines the obsessive nature behind playing with Legos and the storied history behind the Star Wars franchise. The set weighs almost eight pounds, measures over 4 feet and — get this — consists of over 3,000 pieces. Like I said, this will take forever. This Ultimate Collector’s Series model gives an eery comparison (well, as eerie as a Lego set could ever possibly be) to Darth Vader’s personal flagship in The Empire Strikes Back. It also comes with a display stand, data sheet label, and five minifigures, including IG-88, Admiral Piett (Remember when he died in Return of the Jedi?), Dengar, Bossk and of course the big boss man himself, Darth Vader. Pick up the Super Star Destroyer for $400.

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