28 Jul
Carry your groceries, kick some ass

The use of knuckleduster-type weapons dates back to the 1900s when soldiers made wood, brass or cast iron knuckles to wipe up loose ends on the battleground with. Others have said they’re even older, but irrelevant to when they were created people never seem to tire of their functionality — whether it be as a Leather Lighter Holder, made of Porcelain or used as a Comb or Engagement Ring. The modern take on the weapon seen above not only lets you bash any threatening interlopers silly but also doubles as a way to carry your groceries or other newly bought items. What could be better than a gadget that prevents hand cramps and aids in kicking some ass? There’s simply got to be no better way to look respectable while carrying your Whole Foods canvas tote bag to your girlfriend’s Prius.

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