6 Jul
Removable sleeves, hood and more than 20 purpose-built pockets

Orvis’ Ultimate Travel Jacket is just that — the ultimate in efficiency and convenience for travelers. Designed with versatility at a premium, it doesn’t hurt that it has a great rugged look as well. With a total of 23 outside pockets and 5 inside pockets, the Ultimate Travel Jacket can hold just about anything and everything, from mp3 players to passports — it even has a purpose-built pocket specifically fitted for a water bottle. It also features removable sleeves and removable hood, making it flexible for a wide range of temperatures. The nylon reinforced jacket allows you to keep personal and important items close to you when traveling, and versatility to accommodate for any temperature outside. The only bummer would be to lose the jacket when you’re abroad, because then you’re just screwed. Get the Ultimate Travel Jacket for just $325 directly from Orvis.


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