Do you have a problem waking up via alarm clock? Is your first instinct to sleep right through its incessant ringing, if not smashing it against the wall with one potent Jonathan Papelbon-like fastball against the wall? Then you might be in the market for the Thunderclap Alarm Clock — a 113-decibel screamer that’s loud as thunder. Not only can you set the volume up to an eardrum rattling 113 decibels, you can also custom create a sound most likely to get you out of bed, and marry that sonic attack with a visual blast led by its three bright red LEDs. Still not impressed? Well then how about adding an included vibrating pad you slip under the mattress which provides an instant “bed-shaking tremor” that will rattle you into consciousness should the flashing lights and sonic assault fail to wake you. Now that’s what I call an alarm clock. Plug the Thunderclap Alarm Clock into an AC or use a 9-volt battery back up — find it at Hammacher Schlemmer for $35.

See the The Thunderclap Alarm Clock’s included “tremor pad” after the Jump…

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