25 Aug
150 box sets of the exclusive Speyside whiskey to be produced

Drambuie is set to release their limited edition Jacobite Collection, The Spirit of ’45, next month making it the most valuable addition to their brand. The hand-blown crystal decanter that holds the 45-year-old Speyside whisky —infused with a secret recipe of herbs, heather honey and spices — is inspired by a mid-18th century design. The presentation box features a hand-etched crystal replica of a Spottiswoode ‘Amen’ glass and a second large crystal stopper for the decanter. Along with these luxurious items, also included in the box set is a hand-bound 32-page leather booklet written by whisky writer Ian Buxton, telling the story of the Jacobite rebellion, Drambuie, its antique Jacobite glass collection and the details behind the Collection. Only one hundred and fifty boxes of the exclusive Jacobite Collection single malt whiskey will be produced strictly for duty-free and travel-retail stores, with a pricetag of around $5,800 (£3,500) each.

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