16 Aug
Riding green never looked so damn good

Design companies, car manufacturers and top tier bike builders have all joined forces at one point or another and turned out their version of the best bike for urban environments. People see the benefits associated to human powered transit, both on their wallet and the planet, leading the environmentally friendly movement to start creating designs utilizing recycled parts. The latest (and one of the coolest thus far) is a bike design by Stanislaw Ploski. The 24 year old Warsaw-based designer created the Bonobo, a bent Plywood bicycle intended for urban cyclists. His design features a lightweight, sturdy frame made of manipulated composite wood and furnished the bike with a single gear drive train and hydraulic disc brakes. The frame’s unique design, along with the hints of green throughout — from the green chain, pedals and handlebar — make this bike a standout. Constructed of architectural-quality stainless or CNC-machined aluminum joints, the materials promise a ride as good as its looks.

More of the Bonobo Plywood Bicycle after the Jump…

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