5 Aug
A single malt designed to compliment the Montecristo aficionado

Dalmore‘s 88 proof reboot of its Cigar Malt expression is back. While most scotch whisky is aged in bourbon barrels, the Cigar Malt edition spends most of its lifetime in Oloroso Matusalem sherry barrels, the sherry tones designed to complement the passions of true cigar aficionados. The Highland distillery had a Cigar Malt once before, but the stigma attached to smoking left Dalmore in a bind and caused them to rebrand the label as Dalmore Gran Reserva. But this new Cigar Malt is not a re-release of the old expression, rather it is an entirely new interpretation; it tastes nothing like the Gran Reserva. So if you enjoy the occassional tobacco pleasure, just go old school and light up a fresh Montecristo, pour yourself a dram of this fine single malt scotch whisky, and remember the good ole days when smoking wouldn’t get you exiled to a dark, rodent-infested alley. The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve is set to be released this month, find a bottle for about $130.

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