31 Aug
The fastback 4-seater set to debut at 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show

Ford has taken pole position as America’s most stable and innovative automobile manufacturer, and they don’t intend to let their momentum slow down as they head into tomorrow. Their future design direction takes a quantum leap forward with their EVOS Concept car set to makes its official debut at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Ford looks at the EVOS as the next level in Auto/Human interaction, offering seamless connectivity between the driver’s ‘personal cloud’ of information and the vehicle itself — imitating the level of connectivity they would experience at the home or office. The EVOS would “learn” the driver, automatically adapting its handling, steering and engine control with exterior data such as time and traffic to maximize a dynamic driving experience. Outfitted with outward swinging gullwing doors, the fastback 4-seater features advances like dedicated touchscreen displays for the rear passengers to allow them to interact with the vehicle, and will be powered by a state-of-the-art lithium-ion plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain. While the EVOS is clearly only a concept, the car makes a strong statement about where Ford’s design and information tech DNA is headed.

via designboom

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  1. Mens gadgets says:

    I have to say it looks like the mercedes benz sl, but with more awkward styling

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